Being in business, or getting into business, as a sole-trader or small business owner with only a handful of employees (or sub-contractors) can be a challenging and isolating journey.  Even after navigating the pathway from being an employee to a business owner, and learning the business structures and marketing and sales systems that generate profit for your unique business, sustaining the profit and equally importantly, your own wellbeing throughout the journey can be an ongoing drain without the right support. After all, you didn’t get into business to feel as under-fulfilled as you did as an employee!

Business coaching with Kerryn Griffiths not only serves to create the mindset you need to create the behaviours, systems and support structures you need to profit professionally and personally, but it also champions your personal wellbeing and happiness throughout all stages of the business journey, channelling your professional focus and effort to ensure you are applying the expertise that results in the achievement of your business goals.

Whether you’re in the business conception, start-up or longer term sustainability phase of your business life, with business coaching with Kerryn Griffiths you’ll move closer towards your business goals with each session and maintain your personal wellbeing. This is guaranteed. After every business coaching session with Kerryn, you’ll see and feel noticeable progress towards the achievement of your business goals, and you don’t, your session fee will be refunded.